Claes Sundin, illustrator and author. Born in 1957 and living in the southern part of Sweden. After having finished four years of studies at the University of Uppsala, he has been active as teacher, marketer, photographer and art director, among others.

Since childhood, Claes has nourished a strong interest in everything concerning aeronautics, particularly when it comes to fighter aircraft of world war two and later. This interest stems from the time when he as a boy of only seven started building and collecting plastic scale models of these aircraft. Simultaneously, he has been an ardent draftsman, making sketches of aircraft for as long as he can remember.

These two hobbies are the seeds of his first book, but it was not until he came in possession of a Macintosh computer that he could start making high quality color profiles.

In 1994 Claes Sundin started out by making his first aircraft profiles, just for fun. After he had finishing his first one hundred profiles, the idea gradually matured that he should try to publish them. Consequently, he contacted the Schiffer Publishing House and the author Christer Bergström.

At the present (in May 2015) Claes is working with several book projects, lecturing and writing articles. Up to now he had produced over two thousends "profiles", mostly of aircrafts but also of other WW II hardwhere.

His previously published books include:

Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft in Profile (1997)

Deutsche Jagdflugzeuge (1998)

More Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft in Profile (2002)

Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft, Limited Edition (2011)

Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft - Profile Book No 1 (2013)

Allied Fighter Aircraft - Profile Book No 2 (2013)

Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft - Profile Book No 3 (2014)

Tiger and Panther tanks (2014)

Luftwaffe Attack Aircraft - Profile Book No 4 (2015)

Profiles of German Tanks - Panzer Book No II (2015).

In addition, he has provided aircraft profiles, photo refinement and artwork for many other books and papers.